Saturday, June 24, 2017

week 39 - 41 Digital

Eva's Dad, "Quinn Mac Reid". I started him and the sailor dude back to back, but refining them took a long time. In an attempt to speed up the process I neglected to double check things in the initial steps, his face and arms in particular needed a lot of re arranging.

The sailor "Morogh C. Worthy" has been refined a bit. I will take some time off the characters and return to refine them further for their final form. I will start working on everything else in the mean time. 

Some ideations on the final character sheets. It will include: One big detailed illustration of the character highlighting it's major qualities, simplified drawings of poses and facial expressions, a brief bio, details/tools of the character with brief descriptions, view from other angles, and color scheme.

Some practice.

week 38 - 41 Sketches